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Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat by Brenda J Bentley

Break the Cycle! Love your body, your food and your life!

Have you hit diet bottom? How many times have you felt like a failure after another failed diet attempt? Do you find yourself depriving and restricting to be 'good' and then binge or overindulge and tell yourself you'll start again tomorrow? If you want to break the cycle forever and return to your healthy weight, without dieting it is an inside transformation at the core of your being, changing the way you think about yourself, food so you can love yourself, your food and your life. This process combines all the tools, strategies and techniques to help you discover and transform your life. This book helps you gain the life you want as you shed the weighty issues that keep you in an unhealthy cycle. This book shares with you real stories, real struggles and gives you proven techniques which will give you real transformation - from the inside out.

Book available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel or directly from Author (click here to order your signed copy)

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